Monday, 26 May 2014

Project Life | Week 12b

Hello ten days later... In addition to my normal weekly spread for this week (see previous post), I created an additional spread. This tells the story of a Boot camp party the kids attended. As I said in my previous post, I realised that I probably could have just included one photo and called it good, but alas, there were too many that I loved...
Hence a whole extra spread, AND a half page insert! 
The Boot camp card came from their party packs, kit cards are all from the BH Coral kit, and Word Art is from Ali Edwards. I can't find the "Have heart" freebie on my Pinerest board now, but I think it was probably also from Ali. The blank card is for a song they sang while drilling, still need to write it down.
This page tells the story of them getting their war paint on. Then doing some warm-up exercises. At this point Liam was wiping away tears and I thought this isn't for him, only to learn later that he was bumped over with the running, but kept going tears and all.
And then there was this amazing moment: They were all told to freeze. Who-ever moved had to drop down. The Sarge - who was really a lot of fun and excellent in bringing the team together - was walking around trying to see who moves. They went one after the other. When he came past Liam, he suddenly yelled in his face, but to everyone's astonishment, my Lionheart didn't blink an eye. Nope, taking his STAND.
He was so seriously into the whole thing, it was too precious.  
And then they were off to a run through the bush. Waving their Mommas goodbye and singing as they went. I followed at a distance with the camera...
They so enjoyed themselves, and by the time they came back from their forest hike, the team has bonded and the Sarge could take them over a wall if he wanted to. After some snacks they were ready for the obstacle course that was also met with a lot of zeal. Finally time to pass out and the parents was asked to join. And then it was time for cake and party for the mud covered troops.
Definitely a party we'd like to do at some stage, and a venue I'd recommend.

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