Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Project Life | Week 52b | 2013.

Yes, we're well into May here. It's a glorious autumn day as I sit blogging in a corner of the garden. A chance discovery as I wanted to be out of the house while our ceiling's finally being repaired and about half of it is currently on my diningroom floor...sigh.
It is also Election Day here which means hubby is sitting with me here in the garden, and we'll go and vote a little later. But for this post we're jumping right back to the last week of last year...
That would be the day after Christmas and on. I have one and a half more pages to go to finish this album. With my last bulk printing trip they somehow didn't print those, so they'll have to follow later.
Boxing day we were packing to leave for Mpumalanga. We stayed at a lodge near my hubby's site for two weeks. Journaling idea: Record the music you like to travel on. We were listening to Philip Philips, and an old traveling favourite of ours, the soundtrack of Juno on our four hour drive. I'm a collector of heart shaped stones, and I was thrilled with this huge heart shaped rock my man found on one of our walks in the reserve. The photo of me was taken in front of our cabin and the white in the background is the river- wonderfully close.
This was a place I probably never would have put on my destination list, but I ended up loving the African Bush and the time of deep rest. You'll see me sitting with my laptop, but I hardly had any reception, so mostly read and swam and took some afternoon naps. Bliss. And the kids had a great time too. Ali word art, on the bottom photo combined with my own journaling.
Kit used here was the Cobalt.

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