Friday, 28 October 2011

Double the bubble

We are really into paint at the moment. Me and my youngest, my "last term to stay at home in the mornings" son. But I know that he can tire of drawing and brushwork, so we looked at a really fun art project today. Something that had the wow factor for him.

We discovered this project, via Pinterest (where else!), at Familfun (a great site for things to do with the kids), and here's the link for the homemade recipy: I wasn't sure that I knew corn syrup (I live in South Africa), so just used Golden syrup and it worked just as well.

And here is what the artworks look like:

I'm not sure what he enjoyed more, the bubble blowing or the artworks he proudly created, or the excitement of printing them before the bubbles goes. But it was a great project.

PS: You need a lot of liquid to get good bubbles. We ended up saving the remaining in glass bottles.

Wishing you a good weekend!

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