Tuesday, 18 October 2011

T-shirt project # 2 : Image transfer.

I recently rather innocently bought a little bottle of image transfer stuff. I ended up being very excited about the possibilities. Here's our project:

You'll need:

1 bottle of "Picture perfect" by Dala (got mine at Westpack at Lifestyle centre)
"Blank" t-shirt
A photocopied picture.

For the picture I used some word-art that I downloaded from somewhere. Unfortunately I didn't manage to save where I got it from when filing it away. But one can even create your own using interesting fonts. Remember to horisontally flip your image in your photo editing program before printing it, as you 'll get a mirror image transferred onto the fabric.

Apply the glue onto the front of the image, then aligning it well, place your picture face down onto the t-shirt.
Using a rolling pin, press down the image. Leave overnight. The next day: First iron the paper. Take a damp facecloth and place it on the paper for about half an hour. Remove and start rubbing the paper. (Paper works much better than cardboard). Keep rubbing till you've removed all the paper, dampening the paper as it dries again, untill you only have the image left over. Be carefull not to rub off any of the image. Apply another layer of glue (you'll end up using very little from your bottle). Iron again, using a cloth. And that's how easy it is to make a unique t-shirt.

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