Monday, 10 October 2011

This weekend | The Circus

Hi Blog, I haven't been here for a while due to internet problems. Blogging for a month now, I don't love the amount of time it takes to upload photo's, but I do love how it tells our story and also inspires me to live more creatively.

As evident from the heading we had a very exciting weekend. A visit to the circus as a holiday treat.
I already did a lay-out of it, so I'll just post that. It contains all my favourite photo's of the day.

Ok, I know I'm supposed to say something about the products used (all Designer Digital freebies I think) but I'm just really tired of my computer right now - it's just no fun to work on at the moment, and it took the best part of the afternoon to do this lay-out on Mr Superslow. I'm off to catch what's left of a beautiful day outside... 

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