Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Paint on...

I recently (via pinterest) discovered a great site for art inspiration for kids. Link here:

So yesterday we tried one of the projects. The idea is to divide your page into blocks and paint varius sized circles and rings in the three primary colours, and then experience colour mixing as you go. I painted along, hehe. But as you can see below it was Liam's artwork that is oozing with creativity and expressive confidence. He also had the trait of a real artist to know when to stop and call it good!

  I just felt so thankful for how colourful my life became since becoming a SAH Mom. My wardrobe became so much more colourful (I used to wear a lot of black back in my boardroom days), the washingline is an explosion of colourful kids clothes, painted projects everywhere, new colourful (in the best way) friends...

Ps: You can check out Ali's Thankful thought series here:
A great way to document the things you're thankful for.

And talking about paint, this is truly just awesome:

Wishing you a colourful, gratitude filled day!

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