Friday, 14 October 2011

Seen and heard around here

I've had an Elise Gray diary for most almost every year of my adult life. It's purpose has evolved somewhat from a place where I wrote long pour-my-heart-out "dear diary" paragraphs, to a place now where I keep track of our months, and schedule in commitments and dates.

But I also now use it to note down things the kids say. Those things that make me smile or grin or laugh out loud. Those gems I want to remember for years to come, and especially in years to come.

Some of the things noted in the past month:

Liam (4) when he did something right : "Say thank you to Super Liam!"

Reuben (6) making up his own worship song. ("He has the biggest dinosuar in his hands"... etc)

Liam, repeating (incorrectly) something heard on tv "Ow, a crowmoach (iso cockroach) in my house. I don't think so!"

Reuben, when asked what is his hearts desire " He wants his tooth to fall out, so he can get some money from the toothmouse".

Liam, while waiting for 2 minute noodles: "Why is it taking so loooong?!"

Reuben: " Mom, you must have done something right somewhere. I'm takingthe washing down for you."

Liam, after we read the story of Jesus walking on the water and me explaining that there is nothing impossible for Him, with big eyes asks:  "Can He shoot out of his fingers?"

I've also seen Reuben's excellent report card.  His grade R Teacher's comment at the end describes him as independant and responsible, with good manners. He is cooperative and is a pleasure to have in class.

Going through the report I explained to him what I was reading. When I told him that it says that he can take leadership, he was so excited as if he just got permission to be a leader. That was the best part to him.

They are such a joy!

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