Monday, 3 October 2011

This weekend | Through my lens

I am a life documenter. Inspired by incredible "Life Artists" like Ali Edwards, and Project Life'rs like Becky Higgins, I document our story with a lot of photo's. I've taken a serious amount of photo's since becoming a Mom. That doesn't mean I always carry a good camera, or know anything about the technical side of photography, or are very interested in it for that matter. But I do try and keep things interesting.

This weekend I wasn't in the mood for a SLR and big lens, so I just carried my small Canon. When I looked at the photo's I realized that I subconciously used a few simple go to "techniques".

I look for colour and interesting angles.

Strong shapes

Framing my subject(s) (and drawing the eye)

Taking a photo from behind

Looking for a solid colour background (nice for journaling on later)

And doesn't those strong lines on his shirt also work well?

And when you've taken a really bad photo (that you love), you can always turn it into a "Poladroid" , a downloadable "gadget" that turns ordinary photo's into Polaroid looking ones.
We happened into a kids costume shop and Reuben tried on this prince outfit. We didn't buy it, but the image is precious. Just Google "Poladroid" and you should be able to find and download it for free.

I do love taking photo's.

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