Wednesday, 14 March 2012

7 Cool things about Reuben's Birthday Party.

I'm interrupting my PL catch-up posts with this list of cool things about Reuben's Rockets and Robots party:
(it was totally inspired by Ali's post on cool things about her son's party.)

COOL THING #1: Defnitely Emile arriving wrapped in foil from head to toe, with a foil rocket on his back.   Totally cool!
COOL THING #2: Red  jelly, vanilla icecream and blue bubblegum sauce. The kids loved it and the parents  also wanted some.
COOL THING # 3: The Rockets and Robots theme. It was a great theme to work with. So many fun stuff to make, like the tinfoil robots and the paper rockets. And the Rocket cake!

COOL THING # 4: Friends. Good and comfortable friends that stayed till late. Even after they got soaking wet in the rain.
COOL THING # 5: The rain! Jumping castle + rain = fun. The kids loved to take their shirts off and play in the puddles. It was Reuben's favourite part of the party.

COOL THING # 6: The fact that it was a street party & that a lot of our neighbours attended it too.
COOL THING # 7: How Reuben paused and took in the words on our card before he opened his gift. (And the fact that it was Kid's Monopoly and he can't get enough of it!)

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  1. Cake seems to be yummy. My daughter's birthday falls in summer vacations. Celebration every year is better than the past one. It was one of the cute venues in Chicago this time. Snacks, pizzas, cake, cookies, burgers, fries, fresh wraps, colorful drinks of bottles from tub was arranged in a garden area. Almost gave the feel of a picnic to all.