Monday, 19 March 2012

Project Life catch-up | Week 6

Welcome to week 6:

We were into February here, and I liked going for reds and dark browns and creams. Intentially and unintentionally. This week records the first week of going on an eating plan (after the previous week's spiritual fruit & veg fast). It was quite challenging in many ways, but at the same time easier than we anticipated. We (yes "we" :my husband kindly joined me, lot's of brownie cellery points for him!) actually started to love and want healthy food. We tried some very new (to us) things, like Quinua (still don't want that!) The plan is Dr. Gillian McKeith's 30 day eating plan and I lost about 3 kgs in the first week.

This week I also recorded a bit on my husband's work-life (he's a Project Engineer). He went on a 2 day site visit and took the camera along. The "big love" word-art was a freebie from Robyn Meierrotto at Design House Digitals. Their weekly freebies are worth checking out.

This week, surprisingly, only has two pages! It also documents me going for my very first crochet class in my friend's gorgeously colourful home. I've included one of the little things I've crocheted. The week-end our church had our second de-clutter day where everyone chucks out their unwanted stuff in the morning, and come and "shop" for free in the afternoon. It's a lot of fun, and I again had some good finds, including some oil paint and a handbag made from Indian sari's.
And here's the full spread:

If anyone reading here is not familiar with the Project Life concept, and wants to know more, you can read all about it on  Becky's blog.

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