Friday, 9 March 2012

The big PL catch-up | Week 3, second page.

Yes, me again, back so soon! Here is week 3's second page. You'll see from my previous post that this was a very  FULL week with a Boy's Birthday and 1st day of school all in one go. Just too many photo's for one spread. But doing it this way meant that I didn't feel the need to do an additional Digital lay-out of the First Day. This year my focus has defnitely moved from Digital Lay-Outs to PL. The digital stuff is still very handy in PL too, though. And I still want to {make time!} & do Digital albums.

This page just documents the morning drop-off of the 1st day. It includes a little leather school shoe tag. The alphbetical tags from the Turquiose kit were perfect for this week. Mama just blocked out a little note containing their school names (one is in Primary, one in Pre-school now). The "Playing" circle is from Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals. The pack is called "Prep school".

Another A4 insert containing a welcoming letter Liam got from school..

Um, yes, in case you're wondering why my pages aren't in an album, I'm still waiting here at the Southern tip of Africa for it to arrive...This page is about the rest of the week, some kid's art, parent meeting at school, athletics, Sunday school..I find it hard to not document something from every day. Most of my weeks have a story for each day. I can be rather chronological with some things.
And that was week 3!

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