Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Project Life catch-up | Week 4

Hello there, I hope you're feeling a lot better than me right now. Dealing with some flu bugs here. Seasonal changes I guess. Anyway, here is the first intalment of week 4: This week, like week 3 ended up being two double pages. I won't be doing this a lot, I promise. (Though most weeks do end up with an extra insert.) This was my son's "Rockets and Robots!" Birthday party week, hence the need for more "space" (hehe) for photo's and stories..
The first half of the week was mainly about party preparations. Those little robots was an idea on Pinterest. I wrapped small Smartie boxes with tinfoil and then added folded (and silver sprayed) arms, legs and heads with googly eyes. Labour intensive, but I just loved them! They went into party packs with sweeties and rocket & robot themed stickers.

Some more bits and pieces of the week. I've tried to find some info on the Robot scrapbook paper I've used, but it's been cut to pieces! All I can say is that one is from Craft n Craftin Item # R008. Some "Night Light" journaling cards from October afternoon, and some more robot paper from http://www.scrapcollection.co.za/.
The last bit of the page is used to introduce the party. Don't you just love that his best friend showed up wraped in foil from head to toe? We live in a great neighbourhood, where most of the kids have their parties in the circle outside. We did so too, and hired a jumping castle for the day. First time I did that. I'm far more a fan of partygames. But concidering that there was a lot of carting stuff hence and forth, I decided to save that bit of energy!

The second double page looks like this:
My boys are carrying "jetpacks" made from Pringle containers wrapped in foil and some "fiery" cellophane added. I also printed out some Nasa tags for everyone (found them on Pinterest).
Any-one interested in browsing my Pinterest board can go here. That cake took quite a bit of "Rocket science" but baking and decorating, or more the decorating part, is one of the highlights of my kid's parties for me.

And this is the last page, still mostly documenting the party, and the fact that we got caught out by an unexpected rainshower.. Love that my friend got those photo's of the kids playing in the rain while I was running around getting stuff indoors. I would have totally missed that, and I think it was the highlight of the party for most of the kids! You might have noticed that on the previous page the card peeking out (middle left on this page) differs from the one you see here. That's because I realised only after posting on the blog that those two cards were actually turned around (facing the next week) in my album. I suspect I had nothing to do with that.
And here's the entire second double page:


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