Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project Life | Week 7

Hello there! Still busy catching up here. I have to say that I just love this Project more every week! Thank you Becky (Higgins)!! I'm always most thrilled with the week I'm busy with. Find myself going over the pages again and again. I'm sure I'm not the only one...

Here's the first page of "Valentine week" :

It documents a morning (the only one so far) that Liam didn't want to go to Pre-school, and how good it was to just be home for him to spend the morning with me. The balloon was a Valentine's gift Reuben ordered for me from school. (Love that I'm his Valentine still). Some crafting at Women's group. A photo from my Brother's wedding (we couldn't make the trip). I like it that he is looking straight at the snapshot while every-one else is concentrating on the official photographer.

Here's a full view of both pages, with the insert to the right. It contains a Valetines Day card from my DH . And I just love pages that has crayon somewhere in them. Liam impressed me with these beautiful flowers he drew. He didn't like drawing much before, but has really grown in this area this year.

Here's the other side of the insert. It contains a Valentines Day card from Reuben. It says "Mama I love you" in our home language, Afrikaans. Also a photo of a Valentine's Project I did (seen on Maine Momma's blog). I melted bits of crayon pieces in the oven in heart shaped ice-trays, and stuck the finished & cooled hearts onto paper with a message. They went to school with the boys. The photo in the red frame was a hug I captured from my perspective. The photo at the bottom right is a flip up that I sewed on:

Here you can see inside. The top documents a Pony party we went to, and this is a photo of my Mom's arrival at the airport, and lunch we had there. Sunday we lunched somewhere else again. The Valentine and "All you need is love" cards are freebies I found on Pinterest. You can find them on my Project Life Board here. Sorry, I'm too focussed/busy/lazy to look it up now :)
Thank's for looking!

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