Thursday, 15 March 2012

Project Life catch-up | Week 5

Yes, it's happening, my PL posts are getting ticked off one after the other! Here's week 5:

A relatively calm week after all the Birthday and New-school-year craziness. I focussed on an aspect of my "One little word" {Flourish} for the year, nl. Nourish and shared it (my OLW) at Women's group. A lot of focus on Reuben this week, I know. Showing off some of his new school gear. I'll restore the balance again with a more Liam focussed lay-out at another time. But he doesn't always enjoy posing for photo's as much as his brother. And other times he enjoys the posing part a litlle bit too much!
The "love you to the moon and back" word art is from Robin Meierotto at Design House Digitals. The days of the week (Wed) was typed in with Ali's Handwritten font, and the other one (Tue) I think was downloaded for free from Design Editor.

 The highlight of the week was that Reuben started horseriding lessons. I made a special insert for this in my Microsoft photo editing program. I just opened a photo. Cropped it to the size I wanted. Then I set transparency to 100% and worked on the blank page, dragging photo's on and adding text. Then I digitally pasted the two sides (back and front) on one page and prited as A4. It's the easiest way for me, even though I do own and use Photoshop Elements for template lay-outs. It printed a bit too narrow, so I added some paper from the PL Turquoise set. PS: I have bought & added a tab to the side of this page after I've taken the photo.

And this is the other side. The journalling tells the story of why I felt that he should go for riding lessons (he's great with animals) and how we ended up at his riding instructor. And then I tell of how the first lesson went, the pleasure of the farm experience, walking past an apricot orchid to the field.  And how confident he was and how impressed his instructor was. And that she allowed Liam to ride the horse at the end of every lesson.
And as if his past couple of weeks wasn't exciting enough, Reuben still went and lost his first tooth this week :) I've been getting a lot of lower case toothy smiles on photo's since. Some felt crafting with a friend, lazy late summer days... And the Sunday was the ordaining of another set of elders at church. We are part of New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI). This couple is such an inspiration, so humble, and so on fire for God and ready for new challenges in their 60's. Love them and honour them. Oh, and our church also fasted this week. I was on fruit and vegetables and it was a wonderful time. A cool week!

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