Friday, 9 March 2012

The big PL catch-up| Week 3

Oooh hello, what is this? My blog?! Gasp! I've just about almost forgotten about you! I'm sorry, but you know, life got in the way, friendships and hobbies and birthday parties and kids starting school and pre-school for the first time and ..and.. all in random order. But I have kept up my Project Life album, just haven't posted my efforts anywhere.

Well, here is the first of my major catch-up: Week Three:

My apologies again for the photo quality. I have to take them with my little canon, as the only working lens I have for the SLR is too long. This week consists of two double pages. If it's your son's birthday and first day at school (and your youngest's first day at pre-school) you cannot get away with anything less than 2 pages. (Not in my world in any way.) And there is another insert containing some memorabalia from his "Rockets and Robots" Birthday party, which thankfully wasn't that week, but a lot of preparations happened here. Such as the invite that can be seen hanging in one photo (middle 1st). An actual invite is included in the inserted A4 sheet. The "Happy Birthday" wordart was a free download, but not sure from where.

The invite is written on the reverse, the top sprayed silver, and decorated with stars. All cut in a spiral and hung from a string, with the rocket (the one on the left) dangling at the bottom. The idea came from a beautiful party book called "Childrens Parties" by Rose Hammick and Charlotte Packer.

And this is the right hand side where I start to document the first school day (In South Africa school years starts in January). In the back of the A4 insert I included a certificate my youngest got on his 1st day at Pre-school. Very protective Mama just blocked out some of the info on there. The little schoolboy picture and "First day" word-art is from a "Wicket Smart" freebie, no longer sure from where, sorry! My youngest is actually not in uniform, it just looks that way since he happened to be wearing a denim shirt.
Well, that wasn't so bad. Back on the blogging horse I think!

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