Friday, 1 February 2013

PL 2013 :: Cover page and Week 1.


I'm SO SO happy to be able to post again! I was errr... technically challenged blogwise for quite a while (think it had something to do with stuff not being updated), I tried a few things like opening another blog both here and somewhere else, but none of that was successful...but this blog sort of magically sorted itself out, and I'm back in blogland! And really feel the time is right for it. My computer room is decluttered, I got some photographing PL tips from Ali that seems to be working, and everything is just coming together here.

This is my FOURTH year doing Project Life. 2010 and 2011 were digital albums. Plan on working them into kits at some stage- so many lovely kits, right! Last year was my first kit album with the Turquoise kit. Loved it. I'm hoping to put all those pages on Flickr at some point. I'm also working on a backdated (Clementine) kit album for 2008. I'm sure there's a name for people like me, but I'm not the only one!

So, I'm happy to present my cover page for 2013:

I'm using the Cobalt kit this year. Living in South Africa, this one was the most accessible to me, as it was available via a local distributor - who apparently now stopped importing PL kits here :(. Hoping to get some of Becky's new kits in store locally!

Let me just say :: I don't think I look great on this photo - it was a very early morning, as we got up to take the 6 hr drive back home from the Berg. But the colours just went so well with this page (without it being planned). And I love the memory of this selftimer moment being taken off the bonnet of our car.. and the countryside morning being so crisp and beautiful, I had choose this one.

Here's WEEK ONE ::

My biggest struggle with PL? I always have too many photo's. I know there are people who some weeks don't have enough photo's, like there are people out there who are too thin and find it hard to put on weight. I'm just not one of those. So I started off my year having two pages for week one. At least this doesn't happen often. Here is the first page, left:

 It documents New Year's day in the Drakensberg where we were on holiday. And then our drive back home on the 2nd.

The right hand side just documents some trip details (that's us in The Wimpy), and my One Little Word for the year :: FORWARD.

The non-kit cards were freebies found via Pinterest. You can have a look at my Pinterest boards for all the Freebies I use. They should be either on my "Project Life 2012", "Project Life 2013" or a new board:  "PL freebies and card ideas". Have fun.

The arrows on the orange card came from the back of a plaster.

Week one, page 2, left::

 This page documents the rest of the week, back home in Joburg. I love that the sparkle in the water repeats on the card on the left. The card says in Afrikaans (our home language) ::  "Mom, if I'm on a cloud, could I stand, or will I fall through?" (quoted from my 5 year old). Bottom right I included a "kids were here" photo that I hope to keep as a theme popping up through-out the year. They are always here, but it just captures little things, like where their toys are, or a mess they've made etc. Moments that makes me stop and smile and think the kids were here...

 I love this one capturing Liam's toes being worn through underneath from all the pooltime he's been having. (Sorry about the glare, still getting there).

And week one, P2 right::

Haircuts before the school year starts, puppy time, and a fun Ten Pin bowling outing. You'll see I also included on the left page a card listing children's books bought that week.

 That's it. A long one. Thanks for hanging in there. I hope to update the blog next week with all my 2013 pages.

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