Friday, 8 February 2013

Project Life 2013 :: week 5

Week five was the week that Ali had her first "Day in the life" project for 2013. I initially decided not to play along, as I already had an insert for this week, and we had a fun outing planned for the week-end, ie. more photo's, but not really Every-day photo's. Come Friday night how-ever, my son fell ill and our week-end plans got postphoned. Somewhere on Saturday morning I felt like documenting the everyday routines of our week-end. They normally don't make it into the album because there's usually an outing on the week-end that gets documented instead. I also remembered documenting a stay at home week-end a few years ago, and how valuable those photo's are to me now.
So, I decided it's not too late to join, and did a mini week-end version of Day in the life.

But first a look at the entire page:

On the left: A canvas prize I won last year in a local paper's "Photo of the week" competition finally came home.  (That is a 2007 photo of my boys that I entered). Then a drawing by Reuben. I'm not sure why I'm in red high heels:) I only own red flat sandals.
Zoe is our Cocker Spaniel (not me), she's such a sweetheart, but a little high strung when it comes to visitors.

On the right I included a self-timer moment taken by the boys. They love selftimer photo's. (Word art is from Ali at Designer Digitals). Then a quote on something Liam said. It's in Afrikaans, and translates as:
 "Mama, look at my circus!" (him jumping into the pool).
The "Day in the Life" word-art is a freebie from Ali's Day in the Life post. Cutting machines around here cost about the same as a small African country, so I printed mine on a black background and cut it by hand.
I cut out the top left quarter of a Design A page to create a little insert for photo's I just couldn't leave out.

The little tag is a freebie, that I folded in half. It says "Heart" and I added "This selftimer moment".

Here you see the little insert turned over. The photo top right I've taken of my boys admiring a backdated 2008 PL album I'm also working on. I got intelligent questions such as "Did our nappies stink a lot" etc :).
The 10 000 card marks the number I've reached in Pins on my Pinterest boards. Crazy.

And the two photo collages then documents my mini "Day in the Life" for Sat and Sun :
SAT::Waking up with Husband (week-days he's usually up before I'm awake), our standard Sat. Breakfast, a trip to the library, and more errands on a pretty hot day.
SUN:: Sunday school duty (discussing using your talents), relaxing at home, eating mango icecream, and bath-time. The orange star card folds open and documents it all pointwise.

I also slipped a piece of folded paper behind the white card, just to tell a few more precious stories of Liam right now. Like the Treasure Island fantasy game he and a few friends have going at school. The fact that he wants me to lie down and listen to piano music, and that he loves me to the moon and then ten thousand billion times around the sun and back.:) Important stuff of life right now.

Thanks for making it through this long post!
Happy to say that I'm now up to date with my 2013 Project Life posts.

Not familiar with Project Life? You can find out about this memory keeping system on Becky's Blog.
Want to know more about the Day in the Life project? Check out Ali's blog.

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