Thursday, 7 February 2013

Project Life 2013 :: Week 4

Still so exciting to be sharing my PL on-line. And so love this Project! (That's actually an understatement).
I'll start with sharing some Photography Tips from this week:
(these are just things I'm learning along the way - no expert!)

Tip # 1: Try to bring light into your photo's. It really adds so much life to a page. One way of doing this is to shoot into the sun at late afternoon (or early morning ). I also find that the point and shoot camera's tend to have more of a glow when there's light involved (as opposed to my SLR).
You might also find this pin on working with backlight and sunflare quite useful.

Tip # 2: Explore the options of getting an underwater camera. There are relatively cheap ones out there.
This photo was taken with my sons little Nikon Coolpix.

And here's my week 4: 

(click on photo to enlarge)

On the left I'm documenting flowers in bloom outside our fence (there's actually 3 trees blossoming in 3 different colours.), a clothing tag and a photo's of Ali & Becky that I downloaded from the internet. On a freebie card I just typed a bit about them being the inspiration and creator behind my Project Life albums.
 Ali Edwards 's been my daily read for years, and always, always inspires me.

The card middle right documents the fact that I have 36 cousins on father's side. Something that's recently been brought to my attention when I connected with some of them on Facebook (I knew there were many).

PL tip : Keep an eye out for nice patterns inside corporate envelopes.
 The fine printed paper background was cut from the inside of an envelope. It contains many little numbers, which I thought matched the journaling.

The photo's at the bottom is from Interhouse atletics at school. The book-end journaling was actually also something I saw in Ali's PL album.

Photo tip # 3: Take a photo of a photo being taken. Great way to also capture the camera's you use.
(This was actually an idea I picked up from Trisha Harrison's 2011 album. A great PL!)
For me also capturing something I see a lot around here, with my son enjoying his new camera so much.
So happy about that!
The little bracelet (broken and missing a lot of beads) was something Reuben bought to support a "Save the Rhino" fund. He's very passionate about wildlife.
The black card far right was cut from the box of a Lamy pen that my husband bought himself. Behind it there's a card that he wrote on with the pen and some journaling about his love and search for a Lamy (pens are his thing), holding out for the right colour, and then walking into a very cluttered German stationary store, to find a whole rack with a wide selection of Lamy's. He was beyond thrilled!

Photo tip # 4: What is your magic time right now? Our's is late-afternoon pool time with the sun sparkling on the water.

The "Life" card lifts up to reveal some journaling on Life right now. I just hand drew around it with a grey koki, but Ali has some similar word-art available at Designer Digitals.

Not familiar with Project Life? It is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. I see that she has a post called "Explaining Project Life" up today for newcomers.

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