Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Project Life 2013 :: Week 2

Hello, and welcome to my PL catch-up post for week 2. This week marked the beginning of the school year in South Africa, so quite a full page (and also a bit of blurred out school related info, if you'll understand).

The left page just documents the last of their carefree at-home days, sleeping in, spending time in the pool... and getting school supplies ready. The non kit cards are freebies you can look up on my Pinterest boards.

The star t-shirt was a Pinterest project Liam did using fabric crayons and a star stencil that I cut for him.

The first insert actually documents the First Day Back @ school. I used a fold-up journaling card for each boy to document their first day back. (Liam's is on the flipside). I made the "Back to school" card by adding text to a "school" word art freebie I had. I use Microsoft's Photo Editing program for this, as I find it very user friendly.

This is the other side of the insert. More "Back to school" documenting. The blurred-out certificate is for First day in Grade R.

A drawing from Liam's first day, and on the right more of life right now:- Decluttering, painting Sting-rays, cocooning as a family, and a great dog walk we discovered. That's our Wire haired terrier of who'm you'll probably see a lot if you stick around. The journaling card on the left documents what's in Reuben's top drawer after a de-cluttering. Quite interesting. I'm not too happy about how grey the foot photo is looking, so will highlight it more and replace that one. I'm really wanting more white space on my photo's.

And that's Week 2. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great insert and beautiful photography. Thanks for the link to the freebies. I will check it out and follow you on pinterest.