Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Project Life 2013 :: Week 3

Welcome to Week 3...

Another full week as we celebrated Reuben's 8th Birthday.
Plus :: his main gift from us was his first camera = lots of photo's!

The left page starts with another "the kids were here" moment. I hope to do those through-out the year. Yep, that is a toy stuck to the ceiling.... The happy faces stamp was a gift from a non-scrapbooking friend, and just perfect to use on this page (to document our breakfast date). Middle photo is a view from our pool. The "hello afternoon" word art is a freebie, and I added "swims" in a similar font. Then - our live wire - Basjan, the Wire Haired Terrier. He's a camera magnet. And the party packs I made for Reuben's class.
I went with a "Back to school" theme and included some funky stationary with the sweets and chips.  The big 8 was stapled to the back of each party pack.

First insert: A Design E page protector cut in half to include some journaling I wrote about Reuben. Below is the cover of his birthday card that I cut up (with his permission, he saved the back containing our message).

While he was at school, I spur of the moment did a collage of  his eight years. Love it. (That's also where the inspiration for the journaling on the flipside came from, just thoughts that came up as I was selecting the photo's.)
Then I have an insert inspired by Tracy Larsen, where I included some black & whites of the (many) photo's taken with Reuben's new camera. They're not paying me to say this (they may if they want to hehe:), but we're all very impressed with this little shockproof, waterproof Nikon Coolpix camera designed especially for kids. It comes with all sorts of bells & whistles :- fun apllications like "fish eye " and "diorama" effect, frames, even plays music, and came in a really cool rugsack too. Great for giving them an early love for photography. It was interesting to see how much Reuben picked up from my Project Life photo's, doing foot photo's, his plate from above etc. Or perhaps it is as the Einstein quote says that every child is an artist, the trick is to stay one as we grow up...

This is the back of the last insert, and the page on the right. The two bottom photo's have similar journaling spots as both stories tell of how sweet my husband was over the week-end: to sort out my computer room, and keep the kids busy with invent-them-as-you-go stories while I had the flu. Both these photo's were actually taken with the little Nikon, as my SLR's shortest lens is a 50mm. Love having more options between the two camera's.

Hidden behind a journaling card (freebie), I included another photo of Reuben later on his Birthday, still mesmerised by his camera. I also wanted to include this photo as it captures him in the "normal" clothes he got to wear to school because it was his Birthday (as opposed to school uniform).

Oh yes, I do love this Project!

Not familiar with Project Life? It is a revolutionary memory keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. I'm using her Cobalt kit this year.


  1. Beautiful layouts. LOVE the cut up birthday card and the collage of Reuben's 8 years. So cute.

  2. Wow, your project life is awesome. The collage was really cool. I especially loved the picture of the toy on the ceiling. That sounds like something that would happen at our house. I am going to have to remember to include photos taken by my kids.

  3. O wow, thanks for the kind comments!