Friday, 14 June 2013

Happy Father's Day

Dad's day is around the corner. A great opportunity to celebrate someone who's been an awesome Dad from the word go.
They've already celebrated "Pappa Dag" at Liam's pre-school this morning.

All the Dads recieved a matchbox (because here in South Africa we love to braai) with fingerprint art on it.
Here at home we've also been making plans and things. Reuben sewed this mug cosy mostly by himself. "Pappa" means Dad in Afrikaans.

I found it on Pinterest amongst some cool Father's day ideas. In the original idea it's a take-away cup warmer, but we made it into a cup (with an ear) warmer by adding a felt strip (to go through the mugg's ear) and attaching it with velcro. We also added a second layer of velt at the back to hide all the sewing.
Think he'll love it.

 I also recently made these bottles for a craft session, that can be a nice Father's day gift. Found them here.
Planning to print out a few of these Dad book freebies for Project Life. And I'm hoping I can convince my boys to make these Father's Day ties. Adorable. Looking forward to a happy Dad's day!

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