Monday, 24 June 2013

Project Life | Week 23

Hello and welcome to week 23. I've kept things very simple for this week...

No inserts, a yay for me. I've also moved everthing back into my first album for this year. Looks like I'm going to be able to fit the first half of this year into one album. I like the idea of an album with more stories to it...

So this week :: I prepared for Women's group at my house. I got the idea from a local tv advert to journal "Today I need some dog bathing, garden watering, kitchen spring cleaning etc etc...kinda energy".
Too many selfportraits in the mirror? Probably. Just love the light in our bathroom. The plates are thriftstore finds. (Yes, I'm a brick-a-brac girl when it comes to crockery.) Love that they have "made in England" stamps on the back. Just realised that I must credit Liam for the artwork. Always blah when I rediscover kids art with no details on it.

This page: I had to lean sideways to avoid glare, that's why the album looks a bit scew at the bottom.
A picture in the garden, no two. A snapshot of Reuben. (The circle in the background is a skylight, in case anyone wonders.) Karla Dudley word-art freebie on the photo. Team-effort breakfast-making in the kitchen, and a photo taken at our favourite veggie store (they're in front of the Jelly Bellies and the sun was shining on the sweets). Didn't come out so clear here, sorry. Oh and the "100" documents the nr of blogposts I reached that week, and the percentage Theunis got for his first assignment. The camera card was a freebie. 
Did I mention that I love how simple this week is?

I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative.


  1. I love simple - and I love this week. And the self portrait - I never seem to get those right

    1. He-he, I think it's how the kids will remember me, with a camera covering half my face.

  2. Great layout! I should take more self portraits, sometimes weeks will go by and I'm only in one or two pictures. I think it's important to make yourself present in your albums and not just through writing. :o)

  3. Lots to like in your layout Alida!
    I really like the simple nature of this week and your journaling is great. I love your 'today l need some....kinda energy'...card. I've got to do one of those myself. :-)