Thursday, 6 June 2013

Looming possibilities

We recently completed this Wall Hanging, and I love it! And when I say "we", I mean that I had two little helpers who was comfortably managing the weaving process, that's how easy it was. I love that it was made by all our hands.
It started with me seeing this gorgeous woven wall hanging on Elise's blog. It had a link to Rachel's blog explaining the process.

Instead of a drawer I used an old picture frame that happened to be the perfect size. It will also be the perfect size to make this rag rug placemat, which I badly want to try. I think it can also work great as a tray mat. DH was kind enough to put all the pins into the frame (so he also helped making it) and put the string around each pin. But I think it's easy enough to do yourself. I didn't read Rachel's instuctions well enough and started weaving a few centimeters from the frame. Make sure you start directly next to the frame, as this will be the top side. I was able to move the entire weaved piece up to the frame, but best to just start right. Initially I cut a long piece of yarn, and weaved it through by hand, but then remembered something I saw somewhere, an easier way:
Roll the wool around a pen (the end of the wool can be slipped under the pen's "arm"). It is then very easy and quick to weave the pen through the treads, or pass the pen from one hand to the other, either side of the string, you'll find what works for you. This is my six year old's little hands doing the weaving. I was amazed at how much they loved participating. Don't worry about a little mistake here and there, it mostly dissapears, or give character. I also found than mine hourglassed a lot, in spite of trying to avoid this. I think you have to weave it really loose for this not to happen. But once I took it off the loom it hung quite straight, as you can see in the top picture. I used a sosatie stick to hang it from and tied my loose ends at the back two by two.

When I started it, I told Reuben I'm making it for his room. Regret that a bit, as I really love it somewhere else in the house. So don't promise it to anyone before you've finished it!

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