Friday, 21 June 2013

PL 2008 | More backdated pages.

Saying hello from a wintry, flu-y Jo'burg. What better time to share photo's from a wayback summertime. A while ago I shared in this post about a backdated PL album I'm doing. Here's some more pages from the 2008 album I'm working on...
Spread one: As you can see there's still some gaps where journaling can go. As soon as I find my 2008 Diary, co-incidentally pictured above, I will fill in more journaling and date periods. If I realize there's nothing to journal I'll add some quotes. 

Spread two: Miss those curls... And really love this album. Ps: The "good stuff" tab was added digitally, and then stapled to convince everybody that it's a seperate element.

Isn't that dog too cute? It was fingerpainted with mud. Life in Hillcrest... Loved that we lived with one foot in the countryside and yet just a small hop from the city & sea...But ahh, TWO in nappies, those were interesting times...

Spread three: What I also like about this backdated album, is that I feel more at liberty to go outside of the chronological Life Documenting, and, for example here, dedicate a full spread on one "photoshoot".

 Loved that I discovered those clothing labels amongst my scrap-booking stuff. I saved them from their actual clothes for "some" future project (little did I know). I have the last five months of Liam's first year pretty well covered in this album, and it might overlap with the Baby album I'm planning to do for him. But will figure that out when we get there.

I mostly used the Clementine kit in this album.


  1. Thinking more and more that Ishould also start on backdated albums

  2. Fabulous! I need to work more on some older albums, too. I hadn't thought before about the liberties it offers in letting you relax a bit more about dates, etc. Wonderful pages of your super-cute kiddos! :)

  3. Beautiful! As soon as I've completed 2012 I want to start working on back dated albums. So many pictures stuck on my computer or in boxes.