Saturday, 8 June 2013

Project Life | Week 21

Welcome to week 21. Capturing the last bit of autumn around here. I'm still a bit new to Autumn, having lived in sub-tropical Durban for most of my life. Beautiful, even if it means Winter is next...

This week we had school Fete, so an insert was ..unavoidable. But I decided to go for a Design E cut in half this time, and made four square blocks about the Fete.

But first a look at page one: My husband contributed a photo from an overnight work trip to Mpumalanga, and I also added a note he left for me on my computer. "His" & "hers" breakfast photo's had letter stickers added to them. The "This is now" tab actually read "This is me now" so I cut the "me" out and rejoined them. The "me" was then added to the selfportrait below.

I also got more milage out of the wordstickers I used for the "Fete", by cutting out what remained after the letters inside was already used somewhere else. It was a fun day. Liam's pre-school had a Disney theme and he went as a Pirate. Loved their chant and the little hands shooting, blowing their "guns" and putting them back in their belts afterwards. They actually won the competition and each got a KFC kiddie meal this week. Reuben's entire grade went as cats.

Here is the other side of the insert, and more about the Fete. Liam's first chance to compete with real go-carts (the younger kids use push along wire cars). He totally went for it. Loved that the teachers also did a lap on the go-carts. Reuben also got to ride the horse he used to ride at riding lessons. Still very comfortable in the saddle. Right side: recording a visit to Wolmart in Pta, funny because it plays on Wallmart in America. Lots of wool. I used a lined piece of Vellum for some transparent journaling.

I also documented a great afternoon taking Liam to a toyshop to spend a Birthday voucher. So fun looking through everything, and then coming across the Hotwheels cars, and see him get really excited about it. We ended buying handsfull, and a truck to transport them all in. The circle journaling was inpired by Ali Edwards. I played with some paint on the yellow circle. And lastly Sunday at Emmerentia we came across the remote control miniboat club and they let the kids try out one.
Quite happy with this week.

I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative.

Edited: This week was done until I sorted out my study today and came upon a pumpkin painting by Liam. It recently came home with a bunch of other stuff and I somehow missed it. Realized it can totally go into this page...

I slipped it into a 8x8 page protector that also surfaced in the clean-up.

The back is just white with "Liam P" (the P facing backwards) written on it. Love it.


  1. Oh I love your week! I am right now contemplating buying design G inserts. So I need to find out where Wolmart is and love the happy go cart pics

    1. Thanks Cat, I always appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I'll find out the address for Wolmart and let you know!

  2. Did you see that Ali did a whole Design A on S's art etc. Think i'm going to do the same - instead of doing one per week. Have so much 'stuff' lying around!

    Great his & her's breakfast shots. Love.

    Glad to see I have a fellow "Insert adder" out there!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog :) Your pages are lovely! I love those his and hers breakfast shots and the big photo of your son at his fete as a cat! It's wonderful to get some pictures from your hubby's looks like an amazing place! I love seeing PL in other countries from mine!