Friday, 28 June 2013

Project Life | Week 24

Welcome to Week 24. Father'sday week. And isn't that photo a gem? I love it when Reuben is overcome with laughter like that. He has a great sense of humour. And so does his brother. Never a dull moment...

Once again I kept things simple, words and photo's. Not only my words, but also a little questionare Reuben completed about his Dad. And pen drawings each of them did about them & Dad. I pinned the freebie I used here.

On the left I have some pre-Father's day crafting- Reuben sewing a mugwarmer. (Pappa means Dad in Afrikaans.) The little photo of the glasses is from Women's group crafting at my house.
And an everyday Dad-moment around here: bedtime reading. Sometimes I read for them and sometimes he does. We read about two books every night, and have done so since they were little. They love their reading time. Don't know if it has anything to do with Reuben learning to read almost spontaneously and being a very capable reader now. I'd like to think so.

The "we" kit card folds open to include some more journaling about the week.

On this side I have some detail from Liam's room. Frost outside as I took the kids to our neighbour (who drops them off at school on mornings that Theunis leaves early to travel to site -4 hrs drive away). A little recital performed for the Dads at Liam's pre-scool, and time spent at a favourite of ours, Delta Park. Love seeing the seasonal changes there, love those trees and how they arch over the playground. Caught Theunis with his engineerig books. The "Happy" card was a freebie from DDE (Digital Design Essentials) in a pack called "Besties" that I received for being signed into their newsletter. I added the "Father's Day" digitally to suit the occasion.

I also made printed some words that I added to these photo's. First thought I accidentally chucked it, and then re-discovered it after taking the photo's. So added them anyway.
Love this week.
I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative on Tuesday.


  1. this is a lovely week. I love the kids additions and also the Happy Card!

  2. Love those little kids sketches - lovely pages as per usual.

  3. Alida, l really enjoyed your layouts. Love the simple approach, and the everyday moments captured. The pen drawings and photo of Dad reading bedtime stories are just awesome.

  4. I need to incorporate my daughter's drawings in PL. What a great idea!-ArchitectMAMA