Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Project Life | Week 6

Hello and welcome to Week 3-9 February. I've just been thinking that even when I see all my photo's  together for printing, I still don't know how a page will turn out. They're mostly nice surprises. And I love it when something unexpected happens, like that red candy stripe showing through from the back of the next card. What can I say, love this Project Life.
This week was pretty mellow. Lots of sorting out cupboards for chuck-out. And some fun that went with it. My Grade One 'r is reading. And a nice breakfast..
I also recorded our evening routine and included a photo of Liam having a long chat with his Dad. Phone calls is a part of our nightly routine while T is on site. I trimmed down the "love" kit card to include it with the photo. The weekend we attended a seminar at church and went to Delta park afterwards. The kids are so outgrowing the (very big) playground equipment.
And that's it for this week.
I used Word-art from Ali to make the "Hello Routine" card. And I'm using the Coral kit.
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