Friday, 30 September 2011

Friends | crayons | t-shirts.

Today, for the first time, Reuben had a playdate at home with his best friend from school. They were both so counting the days for this. It was wondeful to observe Reuben as a friend. He makes a great and confident friend. There's something so warm and solid about him.

They did some swimming, ate mac&cheese, and pudding. And we decorated t-shirts. I found this idea via Pinterest and decided to try it. The boys drew their pictures on fine sandpaper (using normal crayons).

We (actually our domestic help) then ironed it face down onto the front of each one's T-shirt. Ironed the transfered picture again with a cloth over. We were all very impressed (another pun not intended) with the end result.

I also tried to save a t-shirt gone pink by drawing a robot picture (inspired by the wonderful drawing book by Taro Gomi called "Scribbles") and transferring the image the same way.

And speaking of drawing, I recently purchased a sketchbook (because it was cheap, not because I had any ideas for it.) I was inspired by this illustration on Pinterest:  to sketch some of my summer clothes.

Cool life documenting.

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