Monday, 9 September 2013

Project Life | Week 33

Hello and welcome to Week 12-18 August. Quite a full week around here, but one of those weeks where a lot of people actually energised me.

The full page. The kids drawings were added last minute. Still not sure if I like it better with/without... The cute robot colouring page is pinned here.

This page tell the stories of :: The way the kids love their hotwater bottels, they even take them to school and come home carrying the heavy, now cold waterbottles in their schoolbags :: Ripe little fruit. I still love the Photocard freebie from Cathy Zielske. It's supposed to be on my Pinterest PL freebie board, but I can't find it now. You're welcome to have a look and probably get distracted along the way :: The serviette documents another Women's Group meeting at my house :: A hazy photo of the boys (having a peaceful moment) :: The "Be Thankful" wordart is something I downloaded from Pinterest, with the idea of cutting it from felt, but I ended up just cutting out the letters on the photo and adding it in. Journaled around it how I'm thankful for a very mild winter this year.

On this side I included a merangue I made for Women's Group :: a photo from a kid's Bithday party we attended on Sa. morning :: pen drawing by Liam :: And photo's from a friend's Crazy Hat party we attended on Sa. afternoon. So much fun. Loved my husband's "hat", a head of curly hair!

For the corner photo I added a flip-over bit to include more photo's. Love the picnic table.

Here you see it flipped open. A photo collage- I recently did a tutorial on placing multiple photo's on a 4x6 without using Photoshop. (I use Microsoft's Photo Editing Software that came free with my other Microsoft Programs) You can see the tutorial here.  The other photo is of a game of Bucce (not sure of the spelling, but a game close to Bowles.) They also played Croquet :: The tiny bit of red circle tag on the photo of us was cut from a kit card.

The kids drawings just went into a normal page protector cut to size. Liam did this drawing of a "Cool guy on a scateboard". And that was Week 33.

One more thing:: Perhaps an encouragement.. I had a quick look at last year's album, wanted to look up something. Haven't done so in a while, and it is now at the place where the kids are starting to look different from what they did in the album a year ago. It was just so awesome (for lack of a better word), to look through those moments that have now turned from current photographs to memories. This project is just SO worth it. And you do see it more once time have passed. That retrospect thing...

I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative on Project Life Tuesday.
Project Life is a Memory Keeping system by Becky Higgins. I'm using the Cobalt kit.


  1. Love the layout and the kids drawings - I think they need to stay. How do you do the flip overs? nNd I can already see that it is so very worth it to do this.

    1. Hi Cat, I usually use a piece of page protector left over from Design A pages I cut in half for inserts. I would then cut it to a one-photo size, add in the photo's and just tape it down into the album. I tape on both sides of the join. Works well and you don't really see the cellotape.

  2. What fun. I love the combination of photos and art work. Thanks for sharing. I pinned your layout to our Saturday Share Project Life board.