Friday, 13 September 2013

Week in the Life | Thursday

My second day on the project. I'm loving it.

Liam waiting for Dad to drop them off at school.

Ready for a morning out.

First stop: A fabric warehouse. I don't sew, my friend does. She is looking for something for a project..

I'm visually orientated, seeing shapes and repitition.

We are opposites in many ways, but today we happened to be dressed the same.

Stop for lunch. My mascarpone and avo sandwich was a bit blah.

Stop to pick up the kids from school.

Great that school and pre-school's right next to each other.

Bargain picked up today: Salad spoon sets for R2,00 each. Normal price at least ten times that.


Ice-lollies after school. They like to make it stick to their tongues.

 More pictures came home (in case you're also guessing the one on the right is a dinosaur, no, no,it is a flamingo).

Selftimer moment in front of my computer.

Front page of our local paper.

Their program today: Spongebob squarepants.

More laptop games, and snacking.

And if I make the frame bigger, comfort creature innocently napping in the background.
 (After he slipped out the gate & had a good run around the block, leaving swept-up dogs in his trail).
And focussing in front, toesies.

 Grateful for domestic help twice a week.

Another selftimer moment. Love.

This sweet face wants me to read him a book.

Elvin goes home.

A photo by Reuben: Laptop time. And Zoe wants attention.

Theunis gets home. We chat a bit about our day.


 We usually have to wait till every-one is asleep before we can really talk.
He feels like cooking. Ah, wonderful man. 

After bath, Liam "plays" on the guitar. He might be musical.
I end up with a headache (nothing to do with the music). I never get a headache.
We spend the evening listening to music on You-tube.
Bedtime, just after ten.

Thoughts after today: How can I best spend my time? Thinking about productivity, quality time, balance and personal goals and scheduling time to achieve them. Because apart from documenting, this project is also a good look at our lives. Conviction, not condemnation, right.
Some photo's are more about moments than "good photography". Love them the most.
I still took too many photo's. (About 130).

Week in the Life is the idea of Ali Edwards. You can see her WITL daily updates and links to other's WITL projects here. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. It is so interesting to see how people in different countries live. :)

    1. Hi Sharon, yes, and there's many ways to live in South Africa. But realised when posting these photo's that school uniforms, burglar guards, domestic help and marches in the news is part of my sub-urban story that's probably different from most WITL'ers'. Thanks for visiting!