Thursday, 12 September 2013

Week in the life | Wednesday

Ok, so the plan was to not take too many photo's this week, as we have a photo heavy week-end planned. But then I was over on Ali's Blog, looking at the Week in the Life words and photo's so far, and got so inspired that I couldn't help myself. So I recorded a Day in the life. We'll see if I carry on tomorrow, but here is the photo's & words for today. I haven't edited the photo's yet except for adding a watermark here and there.:

6:00 Theunis wakes me and leaves for site (4Hr drive one way).
        Reuben wakes up and I wake up Liam. They have Breakfast (Cereal) and get dressed.
        Reuben decides to start wearing summer uniform today.
7:00 We're out the door. I walk them to their lift to school.
        I took two photo's of them on their way to school. Reuben saw it and asked that I post the one of him looking stern. And yep, with summer uniform shoes are optional.

        Back home I take a walk through the garden. First Spring Blossoms are on the trees.

          Still waiting for the pool to clear after we shocked it.

In my kitchen. It says "Today's word" Love. Allways.

8:00 Breakfast for me. Muesli, yogurt & strawberries.

Then Computer time. Clearing space on my C-Drive by moving photo's to my external hard drive. Checking e-mails, Linking up my PL page. Oh yes, this room is a mess.

9:00 Doing laundry.

Remembering today 10 years ago we suffered a loss. Feeling at peace and blessed for all the good things in our life. Especially my boys.

10:00 Time for a bath. 

Make the beds.

Run the dishwasher. Chat to Theunis on the phone (he's on Site by now). Spend the morning mostly in silence otherwise.

Not happy in the purple top. Change top. Bad hair no make-up day.

Zoe is my faithful companion following me everywhere.

11:00 Creative time. I work on two PL spreads.

The dogs are usually super calm when it's just me & them, they like catching a morning snooze.
Around 12:00 time for lunch. Leftover quiche and a salad.

1:30 The kids get home, hungrier than caterpillars (iso generous school lunches). Make them something to eat. (Sandwiches and muesli & yogurt later.)

They spend some time on the play laptop. Reuben scores 120 on a game & Liam says that is very good.

Tried another angle.

They play with their cars. Letting them slide down a pipe, crashing into the others.

Late afternoon we have some carrot cake. Reuben enjoys his fruit tea occasionally.

 Taking down washing.

Watching one of their programs. The Penquins from Madagascar.
Sibling rivalry. As much as my mornings are quiet, my afternoons are noisy. Tiring me out today.

A bit of time on the internet. I visit the blogs of Ali, Elise, and Simple as that. Look at some other WITL links, and also visit Pinterest.

Liam drew a volcano today.

Going through homework.

Time outside.

Glad our gardener is back from Malawi and getting the garden in order.

Sandal weather is defnitely here.

The kids play some more while I prepare supper. Stew and Basmati rice.

Bathtime and supper. Theunis is delayed with a roadclosure. Protestors are blocking the road and he has to take another route.

5 min on my bed checking the photo's on my camera turns into a little photoshoot with Liam. He loves being silly when I take photo's.
I didn't take much photo's into the evening. Evening routine included Theunis arriving home. Bookread with the kids. Watching Mooiloop together (show about towns in South Africa).
8:00 The kids go to bed. Theunis and I watch the Season 6 finale of Strictly come dancing.
Around 10:30 I decide to quickly upload my days photos to my blog. Computer is very slow, and it takes me ages. Go to bed at 12:00.

Thoughts after today:
There's times during the day when I am more turned on to photo's than others. These are the typical times I take photo's for Project Life. Realized that there are other moments I miss when good photo's presents itself, but I don't usually think of photographing them. On the other hand, I think I took too many photo's today (almost 200- as I take multiple shots of a photo). I never think of photographing myself with a selftimer. Liked those. I didn't like the photo's of rooms I took without people in it. I should take more spontaneous photo's of me and the kids together in a photo.


  1. i also debated about doing WITL. But decided, why not. Put my post up this arvi. Super happy with my Mon - Wed.

    Love the simplicity and clarity of your pics.


    1. Thanks Shayne! I'm already so happy I ended up participating. Got photo's I otherwise wouldn't have thought of.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I decided to do WITL Monday night, but I am only doing it through Friday and it is very simple. Thanks for the inspiration! I have ideas for tomorrow!

    1. Thanks, you're welcome. Mine will also not be a full week as I only started Wed.

  3. nice pictures!!