Monday, 16 September 2013

Week in the Life | Friday

It is my third day on this project. Here: my morning cup of Rooibos Tea.
I have never tasted coffee as an adult, but average 3 cups of tea a day. Gratefully Rooibos is full of goodness.

 Theunis was out early for Men's Prayer group. I found both the kids in my bed when I returned from the kitchen. Get them ready for school. I still put out Liam's clothes for him. Today they have Grandparents' Day at school, so neat clothes. We don't have any grandparents attending as our only living Ouma is far away.

They're doing funny walks because I'm taking a photo. Reuben gets to wear a yellow shirt with his sports clothes today as part of the good behaviour rewards system at school.

My breakfast: Cranberry Wheatbix Bites with milk.

Jasmin in the garden.

And another tree in blossom.

Lunch: Salad and a bran muffin.

The kids come home and make Slushies.

Leggo people.

Success. I rooted Origanum from cut Supermarket herbs. Potted them.

 Craft project in the making: Cement candle holder.

Thoughts from today: I purposefully took less photo's because I didn't want to be tired of it by the Week-end.
Challenge for the Week-end : to find the balance between taking photo's and relaxing/being in the moment.

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