Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Week-end in the Life

This week, September 9-15, is Ali's annual Week in the Life Project (we all know that, right). I'm a big fan of Ali and have followed along in many of her WITL and other projects in one way or another. Love looking back at those now. We have a little trip planned for the coming week-end, which means a lot of not-so everyday photo's. So I decided to play along with a little more photo's from our past week-end.

Going into Spring here in South Africa. Oh, hello toes.

Our Week-end actually started early. My husband had powerfailure at work, so he was home by 1 o'clock on Friday. We headed to one of our favourite places, Delta park. Haven't been there in a while.

Right now the kids are far more interested in the sliding down the slope, than in the elaborate playground equipment. Luckily we came prepared with home-made slideboards.

And more sliding...

Love this photo. Because they're the kids of a camera Mom. Sometimes they complain, sometimes they have to be asked a few times, but most of the time they entertain me and my camera. And even jump if I ask them to. Love you guys.(Word art is from Ali, picked up at Designer Digital's Thrifty Thursdays).

They are pure magic. We ended the day well with some memorable Steakburgers.

Saturday we spent the entire day at home. A bit unusual for us, but so good. The artwork on the wall is totally inspired by this one I pinned on Pinterest. I recently completed it and is so thrilled everytime I walk past.

I got three photo's of my three on Saturday: Morning snuggles..They're usually up before us (at around 6am), watching their programs on tv.

They spent the morning making themselves very handy. The boys were eager helpers. Fixed a few things, and treated the pool for the fast approaching swim days ahead.

And after all the hard work, some time on the Laptops.
The evening was spent with Popcorn watching Nim's Island.

I spent Sunday morning with the 2-5year old group at Church. Played animal hospital. So sweet. Later the afternoon we headed to Emmarentia Dam for a walk with the dog. It has also been a while.

Always good.

Some-one prettied up this tree in the park. Love these acts of kindness. Also when our car (loaded with the kids, bikes and the Terrier) broke down on the way home. Some-one helped to push, some-one offered help and advise, some-one just stayed and chatted. And some-one was the friend we could phone to tow us home. I completely forgot to take any photo's. But I'm grateful for all these people. People that really make the world, and bad experiences better. And also grateful that it was a very minor problem that Theunis could fix himself. Ended the day with a long soak in the bath.

I'm still thinking what I'll do with these photo's. Perhaps just an insert in my PL album.

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