Friday, 2 September 2011

Hello spring. Hello new blog

Spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere.  I'm discovering new flowers everywhere in the garden. We moved in here as it was becoming autumn, so flowers are appearing that we didn't know about. Two trees that had lovely dry branches in winter is now full of pink buds. It's all still a bit new to me, having moved to a colder province in the middle of last winter (yes, two moves in 9 months). The cherry blossoms were such a thrill last spring.

Time for new things...There's plans to actually MAKE more of the many ideas on Pinterest iso just collecting them!

And...I'm finally taking the leap into Blog land. I mostly intend to just blog for memory keeping purposes. I am a compulsive picture snapper and often cannot keep up with documenting the stories that goes with the photo's. That's the other thing I do: documenting life. Hopefully a Blog would be a nice home for all of this! Let's see how this blossoms!

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