Monday, 12 September 2011

This weekend | Parties & water.

This weekend was the end of quite a busy week. The weekend started on Friday afternoon with a little friend's birthday party in their huge indigenous garden.

I made some lemon and poppyseed cupcakes for the party.

Reuben was very chuffed that he won the pellet shooting prize for shooting down three of the ten cups. They also had a great time with the waterpistols.

Saturday morning I attended a Baby shower at Silver Birch coffee shop. A mellow morning.
And from there we attended another little friends Cowboy party. The cowboy gear didn't last long because of the waterslide. Great fun for the kids.

On Sunday we presented Sunday school. It was about the Helmet of Salvation. The kids made tinfoil helmets, and played musical hats! The afternoon included some much needed rest at home. The trees in blossom are just getting more beautiful.

The kids also had their first swim for the summer in our tiny pool.

The water was still very cold.
Evening we attended our church's first evening freeworship service. It was "awesome", because it was! Better is one day in your house Lord, even than a thousand elsewhere!

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