Thursday, 8 September 2011

Weekend away | In the Berg.

The weekend before last we went away to the Drakensberg for a few days. We wanted to camp and I got some great camping ideas on Ali's blog, here:

The best advice we took from there was to get a Jaffel maker. Remember those? We were thrilled to find one at the Crazy store for a good price. Great fun!

We ended up not camping but staying in a nice chalet overlooking the mountains. The first day was misty and rainy,

but the next day we could go for hikes.

and other adventures

The last day we decided to spend the morning at Royal Natal National Park,

 before taking the drive back home. The mountains in springtime was just beautiful. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their time, especially hiking up to the cascades and playing in the river and waterfalls.

God took me to Song of songs 2: 9-16 (after hearing the song by Micheal Card). It was so amazing to see all around me what the scripture was describing: Eland tracks behind our house,

Eland on the hillside, the winter being past,

flowers appearing, singing of birds, clefts in the rock. It was really and invitation for me to arise and run with Him, to take the little foxes (those things that bothers me), to Him and to seek more intimacy with Him.

More photo's on my Facebook Album:!/media/set/?set=a.2369414235343.138502.1250081732&type=1.

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