Thursday, 29 September 2011

Husband appreciation day :)

I've had a really lovely morning. My husband had a 9am appointment nearby. It didn't make sense to drive out all the way to work and back, so he had a late-ish breakfast with me before leaving for his appointment. This just about never happens during the week. He got us some croissants. Some plain, others with chocolate or hazelnut filling. So good. It reminded me of the croissants we once had at a little deli in Cape Town. He has never been able to fly to Cape Town with-out returning with some of those in his bag. But now, this find, way too close to home!

This has just left me thinking about him. God's Word says honour your hubands, and I think it goes beyond just honouring their decisions, to also verbalizing our appreciation for them. So I promptly did just that, in a lay-out. There's still a lot more to say about my man, good things. So many good things. If you're reading this, husband of mine, I'm the lucky one!

Oh, here's the (digital) lay-out:

I used a free template from Chrissy W digitals called "February freebie templates". Paper was a Colour inspirations Freebie from Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals. Heart: Citrus blitz heartsprinkles (I just cut out one and used it). "You" letters Sara Schmutz country cottage freebie.

I also did another (digital)lay-out yesterday, capturing an everyday story around here. (So many of those I still want to do).

It was inspired by a gorgeous layout by Erin :  
whom I found on Karla's blog :

Supplies are all Designer Digitals, except for the template, TNT scrappable story by Tiffany Tillman. I flipped the template horizontally to get my photo's where I wanted them.

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