Monday, 19 September 2011

This weekend | Neighbourhood Spring Party

Since moving to Johannesburg just over a year ago we have been most impressed by two things: #1 is the weather - Jhb has the best weather. Months of blue sunny skies. And #2: the people. Joburg has a seemingly endles supply of  interesting, warm friendly people. We are in a church filled with absolutely awesome people. People who made adjusting to a new city just so much easier.

And we must have the greatest neighbourhood in Joburg. Nice people who care about the community and the environment. (One neighbour for example washed and desanitized the entire street's rubbish bins after a municipal strike a while ago.) Parents who want to create a place where kids can (occasionally) play carefree and safely outside in the street - like we used to as kids. We all realize we have something special here.

Anyway, long intro...This weekend we had our Neighbourhood Spring Party.

We braaied in the circle,

The kids had a jumping castle,

did some colouring in,

 and played till after dark.
I made some Rainbow Lollies for the occasion. The recipy, (via Pinterest) can be found here:
I think any vanilla pudding will do. I used small plastic cups iso the paper cups and the lollies came out quite easily. They were just a bit too much for the kids. I'll use the small yogurt cups as moulds instead next time we make something like this. They are just so easy and fun!


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