Monday, 5 September 2011

This weekend | School Fete

This weekend we tried something new for Breakfast. Egg and bacon in breadcups. Will defnitely make them again. Just put the bead linings in the oven beforehand to get them more toasted. You can find the recipy here: (I found it via Pinterest).

We also attended our school fete. Reuben was happy to bump into his best friend there. There were lots of activities. Some familiar to me from my own school days. (Grateful for a school that culturally resembles my our own school experiences). But it's an all new experience for us as parents. So many fun firsts this year!
The highlight for me was the "kaskar" races. Liam volunteered to join the Grade RR in their race.

They used small wire cars. Initially things didn't go so well. There was a car that didn't want to co-operate. There were tears. Giving up. And then trying again. And completing a full lap!

Next up were the Grade R's. Reuben, looking quite colourful by now, completed three laps, alternating between pushing and driving. But the highlight of the day for the boys were defnitely the giant inflated balls. They patiently tolerated a long wait in the que, standing in the heat.
They even tolerated the noise as it was being inflated.

For a few minutes of fun. Running around bumping each other over.

So proud of Liam braving it against a bigger kid.


A fun day indeed.

And Sunday we managed to also fit in one of our favourite weekend activities: getting outside as a family.
We went to Delta Park. Love the huge free playground..

..we love the beautiful trees, the families and their dogs...We decided to bring Zoe along. She was super excited by all the smells and people. We plan on bringing her more often. The vision is that she'll also be one of the laid back dogs that hangs around there without a lead.

But in the meantime, I love that Reuben is confident enough to walk her.

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