Tuesday, 4 March 2014

PL 2013 | Week 49d

Hello and welcome to Day 5 & 6 of my December in PL. Still catching up here...
Quite a busy page, but one I'm willing to call good and move on.
This page documents more of our time in Durban..celebrating life...

And receiving the news of the loss of a great life. And then at the same time again celebrating the life of Madiba. We saw the news on tv in the morning, and then for the next couple of days tuned in regularly to the many tributes and footage of so many great moments in our country's recent history. His story, but also indirectly part of our story.
We also had some rare sunshine and had to seize it. We paid a visit to the Durban Botanical gardens. A strange moment to find a "talking tree" there (a recording for kids and not the strange part). It spoke about having Madiba stand in his shadow once, and it was a strange hearing it on this day, and the thought that he's no longer with us.

Oh, we're getting there with the catching up. We're getting there. I'm trying to post every day and hope to be done soon enough.

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