Monday, 10 March 2014

PL 2013 | Week 50c

Hello and welcome to Days 13 - 15 of  our December. I'm doing big catching up on my PL lay-outs, and I hope you don't find it too strange seeing Christmas trees in the middle of March. Relieved to find that I'm not the only one that is not doing current PL posts.
Day 13 and we're heading back to Jo'burg. I wrote down a few things I loved about this trip: A huge surfing Santa at the airport (only in Durban) :: Rushing and then realizing we had the time wrong, and gained an hour :: My Mom, brother and niece waiting out the hour with us at the airport :: Booking in our bags, declaring the kids' Wazooka waterguns, and being told that we have to open our suitcases and remove them, as they'll show up on the security scan. The kids weren't impressed, but it was quite funny :: Flying alone with the kids at night, and enjoying their excitement at the city lights below :: Driving home from the airport with my husband whom I haven't seen in two weeks, and hearing, for the first time, on the radio his new favourite song, Bonfire Heart.
I included an enlargement, since Photo First where I printed were giving them to me for free (because of the volume of photo's I printed at the end of December).
And then we were home again..
I was happy to still find some cherry tomatoes on my plants. They were delicious.
So good to spend the week-end together (before he had to head back to site). Attended the neighbourhood's Christmas party. The best part must have been the barefoot Santa.
Authentically South African.
More following tomorrow...

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