Tuesday, 11 March 2014

PL 2013 | Week 51

Welcome to the Week of 16-22 December. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel here!
I actually fitted the entire week on a double page + insert.
This week :: Monday was a Public Holiday, but T still had to leave for another week on site::
I recorded some of the good & bad of this week on journal cards. Good was that it was great to be home for a bit. We had been away from home for 3 (good) weeks preceding this week and it was great to be in our own space again :: I missed a lot of what was happening in the garden but loved these flowers that come up by themselves every year :: Picnic and fort building with friends.
This was also the week that gifts were bought and wrapped and the house was decorated (though we kept it very simple this year) :: The kids loved the twinkle lights on their beds.
 The kids and I went to see Frozen, and then we had a nice surprize when T had to come through to Jo'burg one of the days of the week. He stayed overnight and headed back the next day and was also away over the week-end. The Moustaches was from a take-away cup he had on the road.
And that was week 51...

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