Friday, 7 March 2014

Project Life 2013 | Week 50a

Hello, and welcome to Day 9 - 11 of my December in PL. And a special welcome if you're visiting from The Pocket Source. (I'm new there).
Day 9: The weather then (in Durban) was looking pretty much as it does right now (in Jo'burg): Rain, rain and more.. rain. But happiness as we hit a craft store and I discover not only some great mosaic projects for the kids, but also some great scrapbooking stuff for me. Loved their wood veneer letters.
I went through some of my Mom's albums while there, and took a photo of this Me & her baby photo. Fun putting it next to a photo of her now, in her gym gear and neon gym shoes. So thankful for her.
Day 10 found us at the Doctor. Liam had an ear infection, and we had some night time drama with him being in a lot of pain. (He's actually fine on this photo - just joking around).
Day 11 was quite a surprise: First stop - Pavillion Mall. I captured some of the Madiba tributes that could be seen everywhere. And I included some art by Liam.
On our way to the next mall (for a movie), we realised that the weather is clearing, so we spur of the moment headed for the beach..(very unprepared). The half-mast flags felt so surreal..
At the Beachfront the kids posed with a Riksha (very iconic Durban moment). And we went to another Durban icon, Mini Town. We never went there in the years we lived in Durban, but it got a revamp in 2010, and was quite a thrill for the kids.
I'm still loving Nisa Fiin's cards, and Valorie Gibbens' transparent pocket fillers here. Both available digitally from The Lilypad. The brown card was something I stamped by hand.
More of Day 11 tomorrow...

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