Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 4

Hello and welcome to week 20-26 January. Yep, no part a or b, one week, one spread. Hooray!
No big stories this week really. Except that I received my Jade kit by courier. I'll be using it for a backdated 2009 album. We are coughing it up for ivory around here too, as the boys are losing their baby teeth one after the other. Arrrgh me pirates! The planes are by Reuben. The insert is one of Liam's first writing practices from school.
Liam is very keen on his homework, which was mostly colouring in this week. Happy to find that blue wall at our local Spur. I went to see Walter Mitty during the week, right at the end of it's season here, and loved it so much that I had to take my husband and kids to see it in the same week. And a bit of clothing shopping - the tag is from my husband's clothes ;) btw.
Here's the other side of the insert. I added a journaling card and wrote about Liam adjusting to school. I also slipped in a questionare Reuben did at school about how well he knows his parents. Turns out he knows us quite well. Then I included School photo's taken around that time (I only received them later, but liked them in here.)
And the other side. Ahh, school photo's. Gotta love them. I've been enjoying just carrying my husband's small Nikon over week-ends lately. Most week-end photo's are from this little camera. Love the wider lens.
And that's it for Week 4.

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