Monday, 17 March 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 3a

Hello and welcome to the first part of Week 13-19 January. The big story of this week was of course Liam starting school, but let's first look at the beginning of the week...
My apologies again for grainy photo's. We've had weeks of rain here, and I just cannot wait for a sunny moment to line up with my schedule to take better pictures.
The first half of this week: It was wonderful to have my hubby home from site for a few days. We bought the kid's stationary packs and other requirements for school and labelled everything. Also did a major clean-up of my study.
And then it was time for SCHOOL...When I saw this out of focus photo of the boys, it looked very vintage to me, so I loved including it here in black and white. I added some Tim Holtz ribbon to the side of the insert.
The first day went off really smooth. Liam went to the school's pre-school, so it was an easy transition to big school. And he was so ready and brave. So happy that Theunis didn't have to miss this moment. He left for site soon afterwards though.
I made the "Back to school" card with digital supplies on hand. Word Art is from Ali Edwards.
And I'm using the Coral Edition this year.
Rest of the week to follow...

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  1. A big week in every child's life! Love the vintage style picture and what a great couple of pages