Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 3b

Hello and welcome to the 2nd half of our eventful 3rd week of the year. I'm am totally happy taking a week over two spreads if need be. I already know that this year will cover at least 2 albums, like the year before, and that's fine.
On this photo you might notice that the banner on the "This is us" card is raised. This is another thing I've realised doing PL for a few years. There is more than enough cards for the year (if you like using vertical photo's too). So here I decided to cut out an identical kit card and paste the banner over this one. I won't be doing it all the time, just here and there for more dimension.
This spread is all about Reuben turning NINE, and then also the School athletics and finally going Ten Pin Bowling. As I was editing the photo's I realised that I wanted to add another bit of red (learned about visual triangles somewhere). So I added a red sticker onto the top card. But since the light is now even worse than when I photographed these pages, I just added it in digitally here to give you an idea.
For the smaller photo at the top, I pasted a kit 4x3 kit card onto a 6x4 card, and added the photo on top.
At their school they get to wear casual clothes iso uniform on their Birthday. It was a fun day of school gala too. The stickers on his t-shirt are from all the teachers that wished him. He decided on a Mad Scientist party, but since the venue was booked out for over a month (and those dates were tricky for us) we decided that having the party anytime this year will be fine.
The highlight of the athletics day was that Liam finished 2nd in his race. Go Liam!
I still love the photocard freebie from Cathy Zielske. The triangular card was something I stamped some time ago, and I liked it in there. Word art is from Ali Edwards.
Something I'm missing on this Birthday page and the 1st day of school page is more words, more journaling on these big occasions. So I might add in a typed section once those words come to me.
I'll be posting on the gallery at The Pocket Source.


  1. Love the sticker idea for birthdays! And love the red bits in the layout. I use that Cathy Zileske template a lot too