Thursday, 6 March 2014

PL 2013 | Week 49e

Yes, know, week 49 E, it's getting a bit ridiculous, but this is indeed the last spread for this week.
Day 7 & 8 of December, and we're still on holiday in a very wet Durban.
Documented: Making our first pink Christmas cookies (Girl-cousin chose the colours) :: Taking the tag off a jacket I bought my Mom, and discovering the "Joy" label :: living out of a suitcase :: searching for accommodation for our time in Mpumalanga & booking flights :: and a braai with my family..
I left one pocket clear and made some stars from sparkly strips (by sticking it onto a transparency). Still love Cathy Zielske's photocard freebie.
Ps: I discovered a new PL community today. Posted on the gallery at The Pocket Source.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love love the clear pocket idea! And December still looms in front of me with way too many pics to choose from

    1. Thanks Cat! I had a look a while back, you have some wonderful December photo's. But I know, overwhelming hey?